Tuesday Zero Residue Double Date Spot Roll




Our popular Zero Residue Double Date Spots are NOW AVAILABLE as individual days! 

Tired of grabbing multiple stickers to keep track of your open and expiration dates? Our new date spot stickers are TWO-IN-ONE, meaning ONE sticker with TWO different spaces: one for your OPEN date and one for your EXPIRATION date!

THIS IS THE COMPLETELY WATER SOLUBLE VERSION OF OUR POPULAR DOUBLE DATE SPOTS! The adhesive on this spot makes spots easily movable and leaves zero residue, just like a post-it note! Dot and adhesive washes off COMPLETELY with water!

This product is guaranteed for 4 months. To ensure maximum satisfaction, this product includes a "born-on" date for your convenience. Due to the dissolvable material that makes these double date spots so popular, Our Zero Residue Double Date Spots are printed to order. This product is not stocked. They are printed in limited runs to maximize end user time in stores! Our Zero Residue Double Date Spots are non-refundable. 

One pack gets you 1,000 TUESDAY Zero Residue Double Date Spots!

Each sticker is .75" x 1.5"